signature cleanse

The deep-cleansing formula of the OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse is specifically adjusted to the requirments of hairdressers and does one thing above everything else: properly cleans your hair. signature cleanse is a deep-cleansing product based on Vitamin C. It effectively removes silicone, mineral and any other residues from haircare products out of the hair.


Why signature cleanse?

Silicone and mineral residues in the hair arise from the daily use of off-the-shelf shampoos with hard water in the shower, which inhibit the effect of treatments and care products, including the even coloring of the hair. Chlorine and metal residues such as copper, iron, chalk and magnesium, built up in old water pipes, dries out, encumbers and leaves a dullness and change of color in the hair. This can be efficiently removed with OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse. It also removes the green tone induced by chlorine. That is not all: thanks to OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse's high vitamin C content, hair growth and hair structure are simultaneously strengthened.


How to apply signature cleanse:

Mix the stated amount into the application bottle with water, until a gel-like consistancy forms. This is to be generously applied and massaged onto wet or dry hair. After a minimum of 5 minutes application time, the signature cleanse can be washed off and the following steps can be taken. As such, an even foundation is created for colour and grooming treatments.

The correct step-by-step application

Put 2 spoonfuls (5g) of URBAN ALCHEMY - signature cleanse in an application bottle.

Fill the URBAN ALCHEMY application bottle with 60ml of warm tap water.

Close the bottle with the cap and shake the mixture for 10 seconds until a gel-like texture forms.

Apply the mixture at a sink, over unwashed, dry or wet hair. Separate the hair into sections where necessary, until all the hair is covered.

Thoroughly knead and press through the hair. Don't comb!

Fix the hair to the head with a clip, and fully cover with a shower cap or foil wrap.

Application time: minimum 5 minutes. Wash out thoroughly. For optimum results, use in combination at home with OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse treatment.