salt scrub cleanse

For stunningly clean hair at home, there is the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse, also part of the URBAN ALCHEMY OPUS MAGNUM cleansing line. The weekly appliction of the natural, salt-containing exfoliating shampoo removes dead skin and excess sebum from the scalp, that could otherwise lead to the malnutrition of the roots of the hair. The exfoliating shampoo deeply cleans the hair and effectively removes silicone, mineral and styling product residues.

Exfoliating for hair and scalp

The exfoliating effect of the salt scrub cleanse stimulates circulation and thus promotes hair growth. Furthermore, it alleviates the post-coloring itch and removes chemical residues from the scalp.


How to correctly exfoliate: apply and massage a hazelnut sized amount on wet hair, then slowly distribute throughout hair to the ends. Subsequently wash the product out and apply a conditioner.


Steps of Application

Wet the Hair. Apply and gently massage a hazelnut amount of OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse onto the hair.

Slowly and thoroughly massage to the ends of the hair. The salt dissolves itself quickly and leaves behind no residue.

Finally, wash the product out of the hair and apply a conditioner. Optimal results will be acheived through the combination with the OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse.