hydrating & soothing conditioner

As a perfect complement to OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse, URBAN ALCHEMY presents the highly effective and intensively nourishing hydrating & soothing conditioner. The conditioner in beautiful URBAN ALCHEMY design is compatible with every shampoo and all hair types. As a final step washing the hair, it perfectly rounds off the daily hair-care routine.


After the hair is thoroughly cleansed – for example with the URBAN ALCHEMY OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse peeling shampoo – it is especially important to regularly and sustainably nourish the hair. With its unique sea spa complex and vitamin B5, the URBAN ALCHEMY conditioner optimally moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and easy to comb. This makes the OPUS MAGNUM hydrating & soothing conditioner the ideal daily supplement to the weekly application of OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse.

How to use the OPUS MAGNUM hydrating & soothing conditioner: The nourishing conditioner is the last step of the daily hair care routine. It evens roughened cuticle layers of the hair caused by shampoos and strengthens the hair structure.
Wash hair with shampoo as usual. Use the OPUS MAGNUM salt scrub cleanse peeling shampoo as a treatment once a week. After shampooing, apply the conditioner in damp hair lengths and damaged hair ends. We recommend to skip the hairline. Rinse the hair thoroughly with water after an application time of about five minutes.


Steps of Application

Wash hair with salt scrub peeling shampoo or normal shampoo as usual.

Apply the conditioner in damp hair. Skip hairline and evenly massage the conditioner in hair lengths and ends.

Application time: minimum 5 minutes. Wash out thoroughly with water.