OPUS MAGNUM – the first great work from the brand URBAN ALCHEMY – is understood in alchemy, as the highest-quality and best possible result from a recipe and is the well-deserved and meticulously chosen name of the first cleansing line. It stands for the best results in the deep-cleansing of hair.

OPUS MAGNUM cleansing line

The requirement for the perfect work of art? A blank, untainted canvas!


The OPUS MAGNUM cleansing line comprises of professional products to clean, deep-cleanse and care for the hair. The deep cleansing series is composed of the salt scrub cleanse, the hydrating and soothing conditioner and the signature cleanse, which is best applied through the application bottle.

What is that?

OPUS MAGNUM or "The Masterpiece" is the most important work of an artist. We chose this name for our cleansing line because our cleansing product offers the best solution for optimal deep-cleansing of the hair and paves the way for extraordinary works.