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For more than eight years, New Flag GmbH has worked closely with brands like Tangle Teezer and Olaplex - innovative, original brands in the world of haircare. After constant exchanges with plenty of inventive hairdressers, the idea of a creating a brand predominantly for hairdressers grew rapidly.

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And in 2017, URBAN ALCHEMY finally came to life. All the products originate solely from the desires of the hairdressers who were passionate about the brand. The products are developed at the brand headquarters in Munich and then go through extensive product testing before being distributed to our selected partners.


What connects hairdressers from all over the world? Their passion for their work! The constant quest for the perfect result, every day, for every customer. No matter whether they're living, in a big city with a 'trend' salon, or in a small city with a tiny salon: every hairdresser stands for their own values. Each hairdresser specializes in different fields and wants to work independently, unconfined from big brands or contracts.


With Passion Unites, we want to introduce different alchemists to each other so they can share their knowledge with other hairdressers. Whether it's their relationship with their customer, pro tips about URBAN ALCHEMY products or their knowledge on how to build a social media channel, this showcases the people behind the hairdresser's chair and focusses on the hairdresser as an individual. Meet our URBAN ALCHEMISTs John and Jenna! Do you want to be a part of Passion Unites?! Write to us and tell us your story!

Meet John

SALON: John Breitenbach Friseure
CITY: Aschaffenburg, Germany
OWNER FOR: 6 years
HOBBIES: dancing, family time, finding inspiration on social media, motorcycling
FOCUS: colouring, social media

‘I have trained myself in so many different ways, so I am now able to interpret the wishes of my customers precisely and suggest the perfect look for them.‘

Meet Jenna

SALON: Kampaamoliike Aito
CITY: Pori, Finland
OWNER FOR: 2 years
HOBBIES: taking photos, spending time with my children and my dog, listening to music
FOCUS:cutting and colouring, customer loyalty

‘Building my own salon, going there every day and seeing customers I have known for ten years is pure perfection to me.’