We are

The name URBAN ALCHEMY describes the vivid cooperation between innovation and passion for hair trends on the one side, and the fundamental know-how of materials and effects from professional hair products on the other.

You are the

The urge to grow, the search for new trends and brands, perfectionism with a passionate goal to always offer the best services to clients – that's what makes you as a hairdresser, an Urban Alchemist.



When the echo
becomes music.

Our aspiration is to create something sensational, that enriches and simplifies the daily lives of hairdressers. How do we achieve that? We listen, precisely observe, and as a result have an insight into the daily challenges of hairdressers and the propelling motivation of a professional.


Our goal is to unite the dreams, desires and challenges of hairdressers with the specialities of progressive scientists and product designers from around the world – to bring the best products to life.


When passion
equates the vocation.

URBAN ALCHEMY is the professional brand which simplifies the lives of hairdressers. The inspiration for new ideas originates from the close cooperation and constant exchange between creative and professional personalities in the hairdressing sector.


We don't just tackle the problem head on, we light it up from all sides to find a solution which actually works. In order to achieve this goal, we search worldwide for the best materials and carefully select our producers with the upmost care. For maximal quality and outstanding products. For you.


When art
becomes vivid.

The mysterious name URBAN ALCHEMY manifests the essence of the brand. It combines URBAN – the impetus to create extraordinary solutions for the challenges that hairdressers face daily, and ALCHEMY – profound competence and professional know-how of the highest level.


The URBAN ALCHEMIST is a creative artist and perfectionist. He shows great interest in current trends, innovations and is always open to new ideas. The ultimate goal: to always offer the very best.




When creativity
meets know-how.

Alchemy describes the teaching of the characteristics of substances and their reactions. An alchemist is a professionally experienced person with the know-how to combine and apply ingredients, materials and products to achieve perfect results. This is what makes you – the professional in the hairdresser industry – an alchemist.


We at URBAN ALCHEMY provide hairdressers with the alchemies that they need in order to create extraordinary masterpieces on the heads of their clients. Training which enables a more confident application of the products is, for us, self-evident.